Submarine lookout Elliot Heads

Positioned close to the water front, the memorial is a combination arrangement with all elements recognising the services of individuals from the 10th Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps, who manned the site as an observation position during the Second World War. The space surrounding the memorials is known as the Elliott Heads Memorial Park.

The ANZAC Day Memorial consists of two concrete plinths, connected by a timber beam. Atop the left plinth there is an arched slab, which contributes to the signage. There are two small plaques attached to the plinths.

Lake Gregory Night Sky

LAKE Gregory, also known as the Isis Balancing Storage or simply as the “Duckpond” is a small impoundment between Bundaberg & Childers. It is a mere 200 ha in area with an average depth of 3.1 meters & holds just over 6000 ML of water at full capacity. Access is via the Isis Highway turning into Voss Road and finally turning right into the dirt track when you seen the small pump shed.